About Markedia

Our major assets


  • Personalized services
  • Working close with the client
  • Awareness
  • Competitive tariff levels


  • A firm understanding of the Tunisian market
  • A strong apprehension of how the media works
  • A solid portfolio of professional, friendly journalists


  • Various professions in the fields of communication

Our business strategy

Our methodology and experience allow us to apply dynamic communicative methods which are adapted to specific needs of every one of our customers. We are able to support them with their development and their reputation on the target market, establish their presence in the media, and help them promote and endorse their events, products and services.

Our objectives

  • To establish a close, friendly working relationship with partners in different domains, and share our passion for communication with them.
  • To interpret trends, spot opportunities in media and advertising and then pass these on to our customers and partners.
  • To shorten the gap between businesses and the media because we are convinced that a two-way partnership can only be beneficial to both.
  • To enhance the reputation of our customers by promulgating their values, and to contribute to their prominence on the Tunisian market.

Markedia is a communications consultancy agency created in January 2007 and based in Tunis.

Its managers and core workforce team are professional journalists who have had long experience in positions of responsibility in the Tunisian Press: the printed mediaelectronic media and radio.

To further its expertise, the agency has developed a technical-artistic department consisting of graphic designers, specialists in creative advertising and a professional photographer.

The sales team supporting our agency staff manages commercial and advertising files, and is well acquainted with the market.